At Forced Air Mechanical LLC, your Refrigeration & HVAC needs are our priority. Based in Cary, NC, we service a wide area with customers in Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville, Goldsboro, Wilmington, and everywhere in between. We strive to provide expert service at affordable rates.

We specialize in rack refrigeration, refrigerated warehouses, walk in coolers/freezers, and Commercial HVAC systems. Our staff has over 40 years field experience working with such companies as Whole Foods, Costco, Harris Beverages, Southco Distributors, and others.

We also offer preventive maintenance programs specifically designed for each individual piece of equipment. (Not the generic one-size-fits-all approach). With this service you receive an accurate equipment history, with the goal of maintaining proper equipment performance, maximizing efficiency and limiting unexpected failures. We offer 24/7 emergency service.


At Forced Air Mechanical LLC your emergencies are our priority. We understand that your mechanical system(s) being down can cost you money and productivity in a large number of ways. We strive for a quick response time so we are able to ease your mind in time of crisis. Our seasoned team understands the sense of urgency during unplanned system outages and reacts in such a manner. You can count on Forced Air Mechanical LLC to repair your system(s) quickly and cost effectively.


FAM delivers on time service, retains highly experienced HVACR technicians and coupled with a professional office staff has lead to a great experience working with them.

Awesome Company. Never had a good experience with service providers in the past but that changed when I used Forced Air Mechanical. Will call them again in a heartbeat!

FAM has an incredibly professional and responsive team. Their communication is great, and their rapid response for refrigeration and HVAC emergencies is much appreciated!

Fast response times and knowledgeable team.



FAM's Office Holiday Party!

December, 22, 2021

FAM had our annual holiday office party this year! We were able to get everyone together and have a wonderful seafood boil while enjoying some outdoor games and a fun prize giveaway! We want everyone who works at Forced Air Mechanical to feel valued and be able to have a good time at the office and with each other, especially...


Jason Tierney's Birthday!!!

September, 16, 2021

Happy birthday, Jason!!! Jason is the owner here at Forced Air Mechanical, but that is after years of hard work! Jason began in the HVAC world as an entry level helper just learning as he went! Beginning with residential work with some occasional commercial work, he went to Scientific Refrigeration and Industrial HVAC and in 2015, he expanded his knowledge with supermarket and...