Forced Air Mechanical 2020 Holiday Party

December, 15, 2020

This year thanks to COVID-19, we were limited on options on how to celebrate so we kept our holiday party small in our warehouse for a team breakfast and raffle. There were gift cards, tools and more. Cyrus was the lucky duck who won 3 raffle drawings but there were plenty of giveaways and gifts to be excited for! Matthew won one and jumped up to get it like he won a new truck as Martin said. We had a jingle bell present game where you had to order the gifts from having the least to the most amount of jingle bells. Many of us failed to read the instructions and there were very few chances of winning. The only person who actually read and understood the directions won, everyone else was probably too focused on lining up for food to pay attention to game directions. A lot of jokes ensued especially with regards to reading job notes!  Everyone got a Yeti bottle, candy and a gift card. Happy Holidays from FAM!