Jot's Wedding Party 2021

August, 12, 2021

This year something extremely exciting is happening for a part of our of our technicians is getting MARRIED! Jot began working here at Forced Air Mechanical in November 2020 and quickly became family. That is of one of main priorities here, which is why even our company's abbreviation is FAM! We could not be happier for Jot and his fiancé and loved a new reason to throw a good surprise party! Disguised as a regular monthly meeting, we were able to spend time with our work-family and enjoy some delicious cupcakes and breakfast foods and give Jot a few surprises before his BIG day! We loved the food and the decorations but most of all we loved to see everyone together and smiling celebrating a big milestone for part of our family. This party was so special and we are so blessed to have this FAM!